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 Last update 4/20/2021 

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Vaccine Resources

How do you decide if you should or should not get the vaccine? How do you help your employees and give them data to help them make an educated decision? The video above, My Why - Getting the COVID-19 Vaccine, tells us why a few nurses, CMA's and other hospital staff who work in the CentraCare St Cloud Hospital are getting their vaccines.

The Minnesota COVID-19 Vaccine Connector is a tool that helps Minnesotans find out when, where, and how to get a COVID-19 vaccine. After you fill out a simple form, the Vaccine Connector will:

  • alert you when you are eligible to receive a vaccine;

  • connect you to resources to schedule a vaccine appointment; and

  • notify you if there are vaccine opportunities in your area.

Vaccine resources including helpful links, HR tips and more for employers and employees

Update from Carris Health:


  • If you are interested in having an onsite COIVD-19 vaccine clinic or want information on when the COVID vaccine may be available to you, call Melissa Prozinski at 320-251-9675 or email her at

  • For information regarding COVID-19 updates such as testing, vaccines, or travel for employers- please sign up for our e-newsletter by emailing Melissa Prozinski at  

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